Jun 26, 2023

Madden NFL 24 performance guide: How to fix Madden 24 lag on PC, PS5, and Xbox

Do what you can to stop the Madden 24 lag before an official patch rolls out.

Lag is the eternal nemesis of every gamer and it’s been a particularly hard battle in the early days of Madden NFL 24. We’ll be upfront that there isn’t a universal cure for lag but we have some suggestions that could fix your Madden 24 lag issues on PC, PS5, and Xbox.

Depending on your platform, the likelihood of you experiencing game-disrupting lag may vary. Xbox seems to be the most stable version of Madden 24, with PlayStation users reporting lag more frequently. Of course, nothing beats PC in this category. As per 2023 standards, PC players are dealing with by far the most bugs and glitches, lag included.

The reality of the situation is that you’ll likely have to wait for an official Madden 24 patch for full peace of mind, but in the meantime, it won’t hurt to try some makeshift fixes that might improve your life in Madden NFL 24.

If you’re experiencing Madden 24 lag on Xbox Series X|S, you’re one of reportedly very few people to have this issue. The overwhelming favorite to cause lag on an Xbox is the console not being plugged intoo a LAN internet cable. No matter how fast your Wi-Fi is, cable is always better. If Madden 24 is lagging, do yourself a favor and make the switch to LAN.

If you’re running into other fun little Madden NFL 24 errors, like “Secure Boot is not enabled” or “Our servers cannot process your request, then don’t fret, we have fun little solutions for them too.

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