May 25, 2023

The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming of 2023

Level up your gaming experience with our handpicked Ethernet cables.

If you are a serious gamer, you know how important having a good, stable Internet connection is. The best Ethernet cables can help you by providing a direct, wired connection to your router.

An Ethernet cable can be very beneficial to your home Internet's performance, whether you are gaming or streaming. But you can't just pick any random LAN cable and expect the best connection. Here are some tips to help in your Ethernet cable shopping.

First, you need to settle on the category (Cat) of the Ethernet cable you are buying. A higher category number typically denotes faster data speeds, but you don't necessarily need the fastest cable. For example, the Cat-8 Ethernet cables are the fastest on the market, but because of their 40Gbps data transfer speed, they don't make sense for home use. Also, the higher you go in the category number, the more expensive Ethernet cables become. You can decide based on your home Internet speed and how much you want to future-proof your connection.

The cable's built-quality and PVC jacket rating can also be crucial depending on where you want to run the cable. If you plan to run the cable in a wall or across multiple floors, you must get a suitably rated cable. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the cable or even your home.

Lastly, while there isn't a massive difference in the prices of different Ethernet cables, keeping your budget in mind is a good idea. So unless you have a faster-than-gigabit Internet connection or plan to get one soon, there is no need to get the more expensive Cat-6A or Cat-8 Ethernet cables.

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✓ High-quality construction and well-rated

✗ Not available in sizes under 10 feet

✓ Can handle higher than gigabit speeds

If you are ready to reduce latency and want a consistent connection for gaming, the Cable Matters Cat6A Ethernet Cable is a solid option. It comes from a reputed brand and is fast enough for any home network need.

The high-quality cable construction fully meets the Cat-6A specifications, including improved shielding from interference. So as long as your router or switch is capable, you'll have no trouble gaming online or over a LAN connection.

Cable Matters offers the Cat-6A cable in multiple sizes, from 10 feet to 200 feet, which should accommodate most people's needs. For short cable requirements, you can go with the Monoprice Cat6A Ethernet Patch Cable, or if you need a longer cable, you'll be best served by our best long Ethernet cable recommendation.

The Cable Matters cord is also reasonably priced, with longer sizes costing less than 30 cents per foot.

The Cable Matters Cat6A Ethernet Cable is a fast and reliable cable that supports up to 10Gbps data transfer speeds. It also comes with shielding and a snagless design.



✓ Perfect for up to gigabit connections

✗ Some colors are limited to specific sizes

✓ Snagless design and multiple color options

✗ No shielding

If you don't want to spend too much on an Ethernet cable or don't have higher-than-gigabit networking needs, the Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable will be perfect for you. It uses 24AWG stranded, pure bare copper wiring that delivers high conductivity and signal integrity, allowing fast data transmission without any loss or interference.

This simple and sturdy Cat-6 cable also comes in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences and requirements. You can choose from lengths ranging from 0.5 feet to 100 feet and ten colors. However, not all colors are available for all lengths. But you still have more color options than most Ethernet cables on the market.

The Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable also features a snag-less design that protects the RJ45 connectors from damage during installation or removal, ensuring durability and longevity. The connectors also have a molded strain relief that prevents the cable from bending or twisting at the plug.

Save money without sacrificing quality with the Monoprice Cat6 Patch Cable. It has pure bare copper wires and 1Gbps data speed.



✓ Snagless design

✗ Unshielded

✓ Bundled cable clips and Velcro ties

✓ Supports gigabit speeds

Flat Ethernet cables are a good option for some network installations because they have a slim profile that makes them easy to run through narrow spaces and corners. One of the best flat Ethernet cables you can get is CableGeeker's Cat6 Ethernet Cable.

This cable is made of high-quality pure copper wire with twisted pairs that provide excellent electrical conductivity and reduce crosstalk. It also meets the Cat-6 standards, which means it can support gigabit speeds and even higher for short distances. The cable is also reasonably priced and comes with Velcro ties and cable clips for easy management.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from eight lengths ranging from 10 feet to 150 feet.

CableGeeker's Cat6 Flat Ethernet Cable is convenient and can easily pass through narrow spaces. It also comes in multiple sizes.



✓ Can handle up to 10-gigabit speeds

✗ You need to crimp your own cables

✓ Riser-rated PVC jacket

✗ Stiffer than unshielded cables

✓ Multiple colors

The TrueCABLE Cat6A Shielded Cable is an excellent choice for network installations requiring high performance and interference protection. This cable has a shielded design that consists of an aluminum foil shield that covers four twisted pairs of solid bare copper conductors. This helps reduce crosstalk and prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) from affecting the signal quality.

The cable also meets the Cat-6A standards, which means it can support 10-gigabit Ethernet speeds up to 328 feet (100 meters).

In other features, the TrueCABLE offering is also riser rated, which means it has a fire-resistant jacket that can be used in vertical spaces between floors. The cable comes with sequential footage markings every 2 feet for easy measurement. You can choose from eight different colors, ranging from black to orange, depending on your preference.

Moreover, since it comes in a spool of 1000 feet, you get crimp patch cables of any specific length you desire. Also, spools are a much better value than individual patch cables. But if you don't want to crimp your own Ethernet cable and prefer a ready-made option, our best overall pick comes in sizes up to 200 feet.

You get the flexibility to create your own network cables with the TrueCABLE Cat6A Shielded Cable spool. But more importantly, it can handle up to 10 Gbps data transfer and has foil shielding.



✓ Fastest Ethernet cable standard

✗ Expensive than Cat-6A or Cat-6 cables

✓ CM-rated PVC jacket

If budget is no issue, and you want the fastest possible Ethernet cable for gaming, then a Cat-8 cable is your best bet. And Nippon Labs offers an excellent Cat-8 cable. Thanks to 2GHz bandwidth support, it's ready for up to 40Gbps data transfer speeds. So after getting this cable, you won't have to consider upgrading anytime soon.

Available in a wide range of lengths, this cable uses a CM-rated PVC jacket, so it's also suitable for in-wall or in-ceiling use. Plus, unlike Cat-7 and Cat-7A cables, which use a proprietary connector, it has an RJ45 connector, fully compatible with older-generation networking devices.

The one issue you may face with this or any other Cat-8 cable is its relatively less flexible nature. The cable uses individual foil shielding and steel braided shielding to prevent crosstalk and signal attenuation. If flexibility will be an issue for you, it's better to stick to our best overall recommendations, which is more than enough for home use.

Get the best of what Ethernet offers with Nippon Labs Cat8 Patch Cable. It supports up to 40 Gbps data transfer and comes in various colors.

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