Aug 26, 2023

Desk Accessories Under $50 To Organise And Elevate Your Workspace In Budget

From drawers on demand to clever cable management, explore a selection of desk essentials that effortlessly enhance organisation, increase productivity, and elevate the aesthetics of your workspace.

In this fast-paced digital age we find ourselves in, our workspaces often mirror the chaos of the world around us. The quest for a clean, organised desk setup isn't merely about aesthetics; it's a strategic move towards heightened productivity and a clearer state of mind.

Having a clutter-free workspace allows you to focus better on your tasks without unnecessary distractions. When it’s easier to locate documents, tools, and resources, efficiency and productivity increases too.

Bid adieu to the tangle of cables and all the clutter – it's time to welcome an organised workspace with these wallet-friendly desk essentials below $50.

1. Smartish Magnetic Cord Holder, $45.12

Unlike conventional cable organisers that grip cables in place, this clever product holds your cables via the magnets embedded beneath. No more fiddling about in the dark because when you are done using your cables, you can simply dangle them over this cord holder and your cables will secure themselves nicely. The base of the cord holder is also made of non-slip material, providing a hefty and stable grip. Need more magnetic strength for a better grip? It comes with two additional magnet collars which you can attach to your cables to boost their magnetic strength.

2. WALI Monitor Stand Riser, $37.62

Is your work desk constantly out of space? The WALI Monitor Stand Riser is a durable metal shelf designed to declutter your desk. It is wide enough to fit most flat-screen displays, laptops, and printers, and withstands up to 20kg in weight. The two compartments beneath the platform can stow items like your speakers, keyboard, and other miscellaneous items. The vented holes also ensure your devices get enough ventilation.

3. UGREEN Vertical Laptop Holder, $22.99

In addition to being unsightly, having laptops lying around on your work desk can also be a potential hazard – think coffee spills or heavy items dropping on your expensive and precious laptop. The UGREEN Vertical Laptop Holder is made of premium aluminium alloy, ensuring great stability for holding your laptop. The built-in screw allows you to adjust the width of the slot up to a maximum of one-inch thickness. It is also generously covered in non-slip silicone pads both within and below the holder, protecting your laptop from horrendous scratches.

4. SVNNELP Self-Adhesive Under Table Desk Drawer, $42.55

Running out of drawers at your desk? With the SVNNELP Self-Adhesive Under Table Desk Drawer, you can now add drawers on demand. These compact organisers maximise your workspace by providing instant storage for essentials like stationery, gadgets, and documents. Effortlessly attachable, they keep your desk clutter-free while maintaining easy access to your items. You don't have to worry about the adhesive strength either – they're made of self-developed SEBS-strong glue and can hold up to 2.2kg even in humid climates like ours.

5. Desktop Glass Whiteboard Set, $40.80

If you have to reach for your notebook frequently, this Desktop Glass Whiteboard Set is a potential game changer. Not only can it be used like any other whiteboard with its high-quality glass surface, but the lid can also be lifted to reveal five separate storage compartments for easy organising of your stationery and other miscellaneous items. That's not all, when not in use as a whiteboard, it can also function as a keyboard stand with its wide, angled slope, reducing strain and potential discomfort during extended periods of typing.

6. ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $22

7. Under Desk Cable Management Tray, $16.06

Nobody likes to see a tangled mess of cables and cords anywhere, especially at the work desk where we are required to be at our most productive. Say goodbye to the complicated and unsightly tangle of cables with this Under Desk Cable Management Tray. It attaches to your desk via a clamp, which means no drilling is required. Easy to install, it can also be used just about anywhere from tables to cabinets and shelves.

8. ROMMA Cable Management Box With Lid, $12.90

If you need help with hiding cords and cables below your desk, consider the ROMMA Cable Management Box With Lid from IKEA. It is large enough to fit most three or four-way extension sockets in the market, and tall enough for even the bulkiest of power adapters.

9. Hagibis Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Support with Desktop Partition Storage Case, $23.99

This keyboard wrist rest doubles up as a storage compartment. The wrist rest is made of leather fabric with sponge filling to provide soft support for your wrist during long hours of typing. In addition to being soft and elastic, it is also highly resistant to deformation, unlike those wrist rests made of gel. The non-slip silicone base ensures the wrist rest sits tight and snug to the desktop.

10. Atomi Exec Connect Desktop Organiser and Charger, $47.89

Seamlessly integrating style and functionality, the Atomi Exec Connect Desktop Organiser and Charger is a wireless charging pad, digital calendar, alarm clock, two USB hubs, and storage compartments all rolled into one sleek package. Say goodbye to cluttered desks and tangled cords as you effortlessly power up your devices, stay on top of your schedule, and keep your essentials within reach.

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1. Smartish Magnetic Cord Holder, $45.122. WALI Monitor Stand Riser, $37.623. UGREEN Vertical Laptop Holder, $22.994. SVNNELP Self-Adhesive Under Table Desk Drawer, $42.555. Desktop Glass Whiteboard Set, $40.806. ODISTAR Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, $227. Under Desk Cable Management Tray, $16.068. ROMMA Cable Management Box With Lid, $12.909. Hagibis Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Support with Desktop Partition Storage Case, $23.9910. Atomi Exec Connect Desktop Organiser and Charger, $47.89