Dec 27, 2023

Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations held at the Minnesota State Fair

It was a busy day not only at the Minnesota State Fair, but also at Dan Patch Park on the fairgrounds for Indigenous Peoples’ Day at the fair.

The main topic was native food, sponsored by North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems.

Chefs demoed indigenous food dishes, along with panel discussions about environmental and food justice for indigenous people and native drumming.

“I’m actually from Alaska, and being Indigenous Alaskan, it’s kind of interesting to me seeing the differences of the food, how intimate it actually brings you into the location you’re from,” said Rob Kinneen, NATIFS Outreach Director. “When I’m in this area, and hearing you know the wild rice and understanding how that’s harvested, fish for example, game, and seasonal environments with the seasonal foods sort of percolate in this area that are so meaningful.”

Kinneen said this is the third year the event has been at the Minnesota State Fair.

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