Dec 21, 2023

Burr Ridge Panel On Chopping Block

BURR RIDGE, IL – The Burr Ridge Village Board plans to vote Monday on disbanding the Bicycle Commission.

But its ending will likely have little impact.

The commission, which was formed in 2018, has not met since 2019.

According to the Village Board's agenda for Monday, the commission was organized to study various elements of bicycling in the community.

The commission is already on the village's online list of "dissolved advisory bodies." The others are the Environmental Quality Commission, the Local School Committee, the Pathway Commission and the Scavenger Franchise Subcommittee.

The Bicycle Commission's last meeting was on Sept. 18, 2019. It met three times. A meeting was scheduled in 2021, but was canceled.

The first meeting was in June 2018. Its members at that time were listed as Luisa Hoch, Elaine Layden, Michal Ploskonka, Chris Sward and Paul Castellvi.

Also at Monday's meeting, the board plans to vote on disbanding the Pathway Commission and merge it into the Street Policy Commission. The new committee would be named the Street and Pathway Committee.

David Giuliani