Mar 07, 2024

Remnant 2: How to open the Dark Conduit locked door

This locked door is surprisingly easy to open.

The Dark Conduit locked door in Remnant 2 is a puzzle that some players might find tough to conquer. It’s located in the Dark Conduit dungeon in the dangerous but lucrative world of N’Erud—a strange, twisted place that bends logic to boggle the player’s mind.

There are many puzzles and challenges in the N’Erud biome, and the locked door is one of the hardest among them. Due to the randomized map of the Dark Conduit, the locked door can appear in one of many different places, and it even might not appear at all.

The Dark Conduit is an area found in the N’Erud biome. It has randomized elements, like most zones in Remnant 2. Depending on RNG, players can experience this locked door challenge, a flooded room event, a pod chamber event, and even a dangerous Robot Hanger with a robot mini boss. If you need help getting past the locked door, look no further.

Once you complete the puzzle, the Blackout Ring will be waiting for you, and it has a unique effect. After you’ve hit opponents for 20 percent of a magazine’s max capacity of damage, your reload speed will increase by 3 percent.

This effect stacks, so if you hit an opponent for 100 percent of a magazine’s damage, your reload speed increases by 15 percent, which is particularly great for The Gunslinger class.

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Dark ConduitRemnant 2Shoot and destroy these crates,vent on the floor.first overhead exitClimb the ladderpick up the Rerouting Cableelectric barrel