Jun 28, 2023


MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 August 14, 2023 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Career Technical Education Academy 821 North Capital Street, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Everson, Brittni Flood, Terry Aslesen and Deb Olson. Absent: Shawn Ruml Others present: Dr. Joe Childs, Superintendent, and Theresa Kriese, Business Manager. Motion #355322 Motion by Flood, seconded by Everson to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #355323 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the consent agenda items of open enrollment, personnel items, and the minutes of the July 24, 2023, meeting. These minutes had been sent to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. New Certified Hires: Trevor Krugman, Head 10th Grade Football Coach, $3,070, effective 2023-2024 school year. Travis Salmonson, 9th Grade Assistant Football Coach, $2,347, effective 2023-2024 school year. Jacey Puetz, 7th Grade Assistant Volleyball Coach, $1,589, effective 2023-2024 school year. Darby Deffenbaugh, 9th Grade Volleyball Coach, $2,271, effective 2023-2024 school year. Karina Talley, 10th Grade Volleyball Coach, $3,212, effective 2023-2024 school year. Christina Siemsen, JV Volleyball Coach, $4,413, effective 2023-2024 school year. Jordan McKeen, 7th Head Football Coach, $2,021, effective 2023-2024 school year. Sterling Dockweiler, 9th Grade Head Football Coach, $3,015, effective 2023-2024 school year. Amber Adrian, 0.4 FTE, EL Teacher, $21,400, effective 2023-2024 school year. New Classified Hire: Kate McEntee, Paraeducator/GBR, $16.00/hr., 7 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Kelly Shonley, Paraeducator/GBR, $16.00/hr.,/7 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Jessica Phillips, Paraeducator/LBW, $18.00/hr.,/7 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Shannon Dolezal, Paraeducator/MMS, $16.00/hr., 7.25 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Amanda Nava, Paraeducator/MMS, $16.00/hr.,7.25 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Grisly Escriba Velasquez, Custodian/LBW, $17.00/hr., 8 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Doris Cordero, Paraeducator/LBW, $16.00/hr.,7 hrs./day, effective August 16, 2023. Hemily Rivera, General Food Service/MHS, $16.00/hr.,/5.5 hrs./day, effective August 8, 2023. Michelle Buchholz, General Food Service/MHS, $17.00/hr., 5.5 hrs./day, effective August 9, 2023. Haylie VonEye, General Food Service/MHS, $14.00/hr., 2-3 hrs. daily, effective August 16, 2023. Richard Snook, Maintenance, $19.00/hr., 20 hrs./per week, effective August 14, 2023. Stephanie Kampshoff, Paraeducator/LO, $16.00/hr., 7 hrs./day, effective August 14, 2023. Resignation: Maddie Morgan, Paraeducator/GBR, effective August 9, 2023. Change in Hours: Demetrius Wells, Paraeducator/GBR, 4 hrs. to 6 hrs./day, effective 2023-2024 school year. Terri Juhnke, Paraeducator/LBW, 7 hrs./day to 7.5 hrs./day, effective 2023-2024 school year. Rachela Dirksen, Paraeducator/LBW 7.5/day to 7 hrs./day, effective 2023-2024 school year. MTC New Certified Hires: Bobbi Brink, Speech Language Pathology Adjunct Lab Instructor, $4,500, effective August 21, 2023. Sara Delaney, Speech Language Pathology Adjunct Lab Instructor, $4,500, effective August 21, 2023. Kari Gosmire, Speech Language Pathology Adjunct Lab Instructor, $4,500, effective August 21, 2023. Rebecca Harvey, Speech Language Pathology Adjunct Lab Instructor, $4,500, effective August 21, 2023. MTC Contracted Services: Crazy Lady Consulting , LLC, Consulting for Farm-Ranch Management Program, $1,750/month and reimbursement for mileage, effective August 1, 2023. Motion carried. Motion #355324 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Everson to approve the claims and authorize potential conflict of interest waivers for board member Terry Aslesen and Dr. Joe Childs. Motion carried. During public commentary, a concerned citizen requested the definition of gender-neutral restrooms in the new high school. Dr. Joe Childs and Deb Olson addressed this concern. Motion #355325 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the rebid alternates for the Mitchell High School Project. The alternate bids package includes masonry, wall systems, flooring, electrical, and technology cabling totaling $3,457,347.00. Discussion was heard on the price changes. Each successful bidder will be entering into a contract with Puetz Design + Build as Puetz Design is the Construction Manager for the project. Motion carried. Motion #355326 Motion by Flood, seconded by Everson to approve on first reading of Mitchell School District K-12 Policy Series 100-300. Motion carried. Motion #355327 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve on first reading of Mitchell Technical College Policy Series 100-300 and policy 1061. Motion carried. Discussion was held regarding selection of possible dates for a school board work session for the development of comprehensive strategic school board goals. This meeting will be open to the public and facilitated by the ASBSD board development director. School Board members reported on attending the ASBSD annual conference. During the superintendent’s report, Dr. Childs mentioned that new teachers started last week, all teachers are back, and school starts August 16, 2023. Motion #355328 Motion by Flood, seconded by Everson to adjourn the meeting at 7:02 pm. Motion carried. General Fund A T & T Mobile 559.55 ACP Direct Supplies 146.45 Aia Corp Supplies 3,131.59 Al’s Engraving Signs 18.40 Arctic Refrigeration Repairs 298.91 Bauer, Shalee Training 531.60 Biggerstaff, Stacie Travel 103.60 Borch’s Sporting Goods Supplies 1,020.00 Building Sprinkler Inspection 2,250.00 Business Essentials Copy Paper 28,350.00 Cahoy, Robin Food 89.94 Carolina Biological Supplies 224.48 Chadron State College Tuition 3,528.00 Chapman, Allen Vocal Camp 1,918.46 Childs, Jody Meals 84.23 City Of Mitchell Landfill Fees 2,399.41 Ck Bicycles & Locks Keys 1,120.00 Clark, Kindra NFHS 35.00 CMC Neptune Subscription 1,620.00 County Fair Fuel 98.57 Cubby’s Fuel 818.65 Dakota Data Shred Shredding 271.59 Dakota Potters Supply Clay 940.20 Darrington Water Conditioning 93.15 Daylight Donuts Baked Goods 487.07 Diamond Ground Products Supplies 1,705.49 Dockweiler, Sterling NFHS 35.00 Easton, Steven Ties 96.17 Ed’s Pet World Program Supplies 15.98 Epperson, Brett Voice Inst 1,635.92 ESD Athletic Conference Dues 2,700.00 First Nat’l Bank Supplies 11,581.43 Flinn Scientific Supplies 106.68 G&R Controls Service Call 637.50 Gerlach, Tarilynn Supplies 701.16 Grabenstein, Heather Books 156.69 Gubbrud, Chris Planner 33.00 Hampton Inn Lodging 1,998.00 Hanson School District Dues 50.00 Hayes, Sarah Supplies 115.50 Hillyard Supplies 24,348.69 Hoffman, Denise Supplies 65.26 Jones & Bartlett Learning Subscription 2,995.00 Jostens Supplies 921.38 Logan Luxury Theatres Rental 1,000.00 Lowrie, Charlotte Travel 76.50 Macklin, Shane Drill Writing 2,500.00 Math Learning Center Textbooks 26.00 Mcleods Office Supply Supplies 1,485.59 Menards Supplies 6,281.49 Midco Business Services 1,822.56 Mitchell Power Equipment Supplies 960.85 Mitchell Republic Subscription 250.80 Muth Electric Supplies 376.18 Napa Central Supplies 4,867.68 Nepstads Flower Shop 65.00 Office Advantage Printing 539.96 On Sight Access Control 470.00 Ortmeier, Diane Repairs 441.46 Popplers Music Supplies 100.00 Premier Pest Control 675.00 Puetz, Jacey NFHS 70.00 Qualified Presort Postage 964.08 R School Today Subscription 3,345.00 Realityworks Supplies 347.00 Riddell All American Sports Supplies 10,250.19 Riverside Technologies Supplies 205.00 Runnings Supply Supplies 265.34 S&M Printing 99.00 Sargent Welch Supplies 396.00 Schiefen, William NFHS 35.00 Schmitt Music Reed 43.98 School Datebooks 255.00 School Specialty Supplies 262.47 SDACTE Registration 825.00 SDHSAA Medals 3.30 Sherwin Williams Supplies 378.86 SHI International Corp Software 887.43 Shotwell’s Music Service Clinic 175.00 Skinner, Suzanne CWPUB 239.00 Snap-On Industrial Subscription 1 231.00 Spectacular Quilting Fabric 1,473.73 Sturdevant’s Auto Parts 375.99 Sun Gold Sports Plaques 1,994.50 Thill, Deborah NFHS 35.00 Thunes True Value Supplies 196.18 Tower Garden System 1,395.00 Train4real Supplies 345.00 Triotel Communications Telephone 141.24 UPS Store Postage 85.89 Van Peursem, Joel Band 700.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 535.96 Wards Science Supplies 271.76 Wholesale Electronics Fuses 8.75 Williamson, Katrina Cakes 50.00 Total General Fund 149,863.4 Capital Outlay Fund First Nat’l Bank Omaha Supplies 2,969.32 Flinn Scientific Supplies 1,671.14 Interactive Health Technologies System 600.00 Learning W/O Tears Curriculum 6,224.75 Lexia Learning Reading Program 23,100.00 Mcleods Office Supply 369.90 Mitchell Music Boosters Drum Heads 551.35 Renaissance Learning Curriculum 27,635.35 Riverside Industries Computer 589.00 Riverside Technologies Computer Equipment 73,505.50 Thunes True Value Fridge 649.99 Time Clock Plus Software License 14,177.00 Xerox Financial Services Lease 1,045.96 Total Capital Outlay Fund 153,089.26 Special Education Fund Arrowwood Resort Lodging 130.52 Beyond Play Supplies 36.90 Bierman, Cindy VR Camp 290.66 Bjorem Publications Supplies 240.00 Career Connections Services 728.65 Children’s Care Hospital Services 13,000.00 Collaborative Solutions Services 3,458.95 First Nat’l Bank Supplies 2,284.92 First United Methodist Church Rent 300.00 Lakeshore Learning Materials Supplies 302.10 Laminator.Com Supplies 604.70 Lesson Pix Software 288.00 Life Quest Tuition 8,771.80 Menards Supplies 20.74 Mount Vernon School District Mileage 97.92 Palace Transit Transportation 3,405.98 SD Dept Of Human Services 17,774.23 Simply Fun Supplies 356.80 Super Duper Inc Supplies 20.90 Western Psychological Services Materials 162.80 Total Special Education Fund 52,276.57 Post Secondary Fund 44 Interactive Website Remodel 32,500.00 A Ox Welding Supply Cylinders 918.70 AtoZ Promotions Chargers 4,491.46 AIA Corporation Services 1,320.41 Al’s Engraving Signs 2,087.60 Assmus, Brooke Milage 235.20 Auto Body Specialties Attachment 143.16 Automatic Building Controls Smoke Detector 314.72 Basin Electric Power Coop Lease 4,394.26 Builders First Source Supplies 567.98 Business Essentials Copy Paper 3,150.00 C&B Operations JD Gator 60,591.39 City Of Mitchell Landfill 24.00 College Board Subscription 20,172.00 Comfort Inn & Suites Lodging 147.15 County Fair Food 314.83 Crazy Lady Consulting Services 3,384.80 Cutshaw, Rachael Mileage 114.24 Delaney, Sara Mileage 423.99 Domino’s Food 639.37 Doug’s Custom Paint And Body Repairs 6,481.23 Dunker, Alexa Mileage 94.50 Dustin’s Repair Hitch 1,647.67 Elite Unmanned Battery 9,332.00 ELO Prof LlC Fees 46.00 Epic Outdoor Advertising Install 22,995.00 Experian Credit Bureau Services 22.00 Farmers Alliance Filter 1,401.77 Florey, Bethany Conference 146.00 Forum Communications Company Advertising 220.33 Ge Precision Healthcare Equipment 203,476.00 Gene’s Photography 110.00 Golden West Technologies Services 25.00 Harvey, Rebecca Mileage 72.42 Herll, Dixie Memorial 50.00 Hi Media Advertising 1,663.00 Innovative Office Solutions Furniture 77,976.05 J&P Roofing Systems Repairs 26,798.98 James Valley Landscape Repairs 1,060.14 Johnson Controls Camera Mounts 438.00 Jones Supplies 4,844.24 Kulm, Heather Travel 146.00 Leggett, Andrew Travel 620.40 Matheson Tri-Gas Inc Jackets 28,544.65 McGough Construction Co Pay App #4 108,731.00 Mcleods Office Supply Ad 345.00 MEA Energy Assoc Services 10,260.00 Menards Supplies 1,240.86 Mesman, Dale Fuel 75.00 Midwest 3d Solutions Subscription 2,400.00 Midwest Fire & Safety Supplies 2,624.01 Miedema Sanitation Inc Trash 966.00 Mitchell Chamber Of Commerce Services 645.00 Mitsdarfer, Charlie Insurance 570.80 Motor Market Advertising 650.00 Munsen, Keah Training 42.00 Muth Electric New Pump 1,195.03 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Insurance 735.00 Nedved Media Advertising 5,731.84 New Tec Inspection 3,025.83 Niche.Com Remarketing 13,770.00 Nicolaus, Jimmie Travel 352.73 Nu Era Enterprises Supplies 3,363.00 Parchment Subscription 2,890.00 Peterson Motors Peterbilt Truck 98,100.00 Proctorfree Hosting Fee 75.00 Puetz Design + Build Fees 5,982.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 4,082.90 Riggs, Isabelle Travel 146.00 Riverside Technologies Lab 9,918.00 Ruby Tuesday Food 41.96 Runnings Supply Spray Paint 322.88 Schmitz Construction Pay App #2 160,157.17 Scott Supply Co Repairs 6,214.42 Sherwin Williams Paint 457.43 SHI International Backup 668.90 Sisson Printing 5,214.04 SD Board Of Technical Education Lobbying Services 6,395.00 Spencer, Elaine Travel 267.16 Sun Gold Sports Plaques 256.00 Swett, Amya Dues 21.00 Time Clock Plus License 2,500.00 Titan Machinery Repair 2,666.00 Tonak, Nicole Travel 83.00 Transource Truck & Equipment Payloader 197,750.00 Unisa Services 465.05 UPS Freight 638.33 Vern Eide Moto Plex Repair 13,794.00 Voice Thread License 4,797.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 2,077.79 Watermark Insights Software 5,808.19 Wright, Barbara Travel 75.00 Xerox Financial Services Lease 502.24 Total Post High Fund 1,214,288.20 MTC Enterprise Fund Al’s Engraving Signs 150.00 Cintas Corp Laundry 105.95 City Of Mitchell Utilities 58.05 Northwestern Energy Utilities 77.89 Total MCT Enterprise Fund 391.89 MTC CTE Academy A Ox Welding Supply Supplies 20.11 Carolina Biological Supplies 303.10 Carquest Auto Parts Supplies 21.99 Edvotek Supplies 113.99 First Nat’l Bank Supplies 743.45 Menards Supplies 300.12 Total MTC CT Academy 999.60 A Ox Welding Supply 13.03 County Fair Catering 995.78 ELO Prof LLC Fees 25.00 Ingerson,Erica Supplies 11.00 Pepsi Catering 1,025.15 Peterson, Travis Fee 85.00 Subway Catering 143.82 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 138.13 Total MTC Corporate Fund 2,436.91 Capital Projects Fund-High School Puetz Design + Build Construction 755,800.21 Schemmer Associates Services 14,054.77 Total Capital Projects Funds 769,854.98 Food Service Fund Arctic Refrigeration Repairs 145.75 First Nat’l Bank Supplies 431.19 Performance Foodservice Food 10,313.15 Ramkota Hotel Lodging 224.48 Total Food Service Fund 11,114.57 MTC Campus Store Fund Akademos Books 32,914.55 Buckingham Mfg.Tools 136,011.80 Dakota’s Best Distributing Supplies 164.90 GFSI Clothing 3,528.97 Matheson Tri-Gas Tools 23,147.55 MV Sport Clothing 1,092.00 Northern State Supply Tools 8,136.63 Pepsi Water 79.08 Runnings Supply Uniform 1,950.72 Snap-On Industrial Tools 28,385.51 Total MTC Campus Store Fund 235,411.71 MTC Farm Fund Farmers Alliance Chemical 14,627.91 Total MTC Farm Fund 14,627.91 Drivers Education Fund Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 948.96 Total Drivers Education Fund 948.96 Published 1 times at the total approximate cost of $151.30 and may be viewed free of charge at (Aug. 26, 2023)