Aug 03, 2023

Corsair’s first standing desk is designed for gaming, streaming, and more

By Jon Porter, a reporter with five years of experience covering consumer tech releases, EU tech policy, online platforms, and mechanical keyboards.

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Corsair’s Platform:6 is a modular standing desk that’s being targeted at everyone from remote workers to content creators and, naturally, PC gamers. It’ll be available to purchase in the fourth quarter of this year, but Corsair’s website isn’t currently listing any prices for the desk or its many, many accessories.

With the Platform:6 due to be offered in multiple configurations that are customizable via an online configurator, it’s a little tricky to work out what’s included as standard, and what’s available as a modular upgrade. But Corsair’s press release suggests that the desk comes with dual monitor arms, a cable management tray, and an in-desk storage cubby with built-in USB Type-A and Type-C charging ports. Most interesting is a modular rail system that’s built into the desk and which is designed to let you mount additional desk accessories and avoid having them clutter up your work surface.

Beyond that, there are a plethora of seemingly optional extras. The “Creator Edition” of the desk is equipped with motorized height adjustment that can remember height presets of your choosing. There are also 30 x 70cm side extensions to make the six foot-wide desk even wider, as well as optional hanging pegboards for your headphones, game controllers, and whatever else you can fit on them. Corsair also advertises that it’ll offer adapters for Elgato’s range of Multi-Mount accessories to attach cameras, lights, and microphones.

It’s a set of features that appears tailor made to the needs of streamers in particular, whose desks are often seen overflowing with streaming and gaming gear. The Platform:6 seems to go beyond what’s offered by a lot of existing gaming-branded desks, whose features typically include cable management, height adjustment, and maybe a built-in monitor arm.

My big question, as one of the multiple Verge staff members to have bought a Fully standing desk over the years, is whether Corsair is going to release the Platform:6’s rail system as a standalone accessory. I have no plans to buy a new desk anytime soon, but the thought of mounting all my desk detritus to a simple crossbar is very appealing. How about it Corsair?

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