Aug 01, 2023

Cable Management Technology From: Integrated Packaging Machinery

Integrated Packaging Machinery’s AccuTURRET cable management technology is designed to increase the agility of the end-of-arm-tool (EOAT) without increasing the demand on the robot’s wrist.

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The AccuTURRET improves the accuracy, speed, reach, and efficiency of most pick-and-place robotic arms in a palletizer application. It has the capability to smoothly rotate the EOAT through any sequence within a full 220° of a pallet-building operation. Every cycle function from picking and placing the initial slip sheet to building full or partial case layers to picking and placing subsequent tier sheets is accelerated or streamlined.

The 220° lateral capability of Integrated Packaging Machinery’s (IPM) AccuTURRET technology extends a robot’s capability to perform especially difficult pallet building operations in space-limited applications. It can also reduce the complexity and cost of robotic palletizer compressed air systems, improve robot uptime, and lengthen maintenance intervals.

Especially in space-limited applications the AccuTURRET technology can be expected to improve pick-and-place accuracy and frequency, mean-time-between-failure, and, system uptime. When paired with a right-sized palletizing robot the AccuTURRET solution will not limit specified payload.