Aug 14, 2023

UK steel maker delivers low

Tata Steel UK says it has achieved a significant milestone in its decarbonisation journey after delivering its first Optemis® Carbon Lite steel to infrastructure supplier, Boecker Stahl-Service. The 22-tonne hot dip galvanised coil was supplied with an 85% carbon reduction which equates to a 45-tonne CO2 saving – equivalent to the annual emissions of 36 cars.1

The low-CO2 emission steel will enable the steel service centre – part of the Niedax Group in Schwerte, Germany – to produce cable tray systems used in major infrastructure projects with a lower carbon content. Further deliveries of Carbon Lite steel to the Niedax Group are due in the coming weeks.

Anil Jhanji, Chief Commercial Officer of Tata Steel UK, said: “We’re committed to reducing our emissions, with the aim to achieve CO2-neutral steel making by 2045 and reducing emissions by at least 30% by 2030. Every tonne of Carbon Lite steel we sell helps to fund additional CO2-saving projects which speeds up our decarbonisation transformation. That’s why this first sale is a significant step on our journey towards a carbon-neutral steel offering.”

Tata Steel UK recognises the critical role of steel in building a net-zero world, but also acknowledges the substantial CO2 emissions created by the current steel-making process. The company is investing in numerous projects to reduce its CO2 emissions. Savings from these projects can be passed on to customers through Carbon Lite steel, enabling them to achieve immediate Scope 3 emission savings. Optemis Carbon Lite is a fully certified scheme verified by leading assurance organisation DNV.

Bruno Reufels, CEO of the Niedax Group, said: “As one of the leading manufacturers of cable management systems, we have a duty to operate more sustainably, which is why we also invest in such technologies. Overall, we want to reduce the carbon footprint for our own projects and products.. Therefore we are pleased to partner with Tata Steel UK on this initiative towards carbon-neutral steel products. Adopting Optemis Carbon Lite steel in our own steel service center is a significant step forwards in cutting emissions and achieving a more sustainable future.”

The challenge of meeting society’s demands for net-zero carbon steel making is immense, but Tata Steel has a long history of meeting such challenges in a responsible way. The company firmly believes in the vital role of steel in helping society achieve a low-carbon future.

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Notes[1] The average distance travelled by a car in the UK is 6,800 miles per year (10,944km) (source: RAC Foundation) and each new car emits an average of 112.8 g/km of CO2 (source: Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).