Aug 20, 2023


ByEric Reinhardt

Date: 8/3/2023 11:38 AM

ROME — Kris-Tech Wire, a manufacturer of industrial wire and cable, has named industry veteran John Olguin as manager of its tray-cable product line.

The promotion allows Olguin to oversee the company’s growing tray-cable division, the firm said in its announcement. It also coincides with the firm’s plan to expand into the tray-cable market with new product offerings and additional custom options.

Tray cable is a multi-purpose product used across many commercial and industrial applications, including controls, power, lighting, and instrumentation or signal devices. It can be ordered with or without shielding and offers several insulation and jacketing options, Kris-Tech Wire explained.

Olguin has been with Kris-Tech for nearly seven years, working in inside sales, outside sales, and now product line manager for the tray-cable division, the firm said.

The move is only one of several the company says are in the works for 2023, including the expansion of several key product lines across its portfolio.

“I’m honored to be one of the many team members who helped bring the tray cable product from conception to eventual UL approval,” Olguin said. “More importantly, we get to work closely with our internal and external electrical partners to continue growing this product offering in the coming years.”

John O., as he’s known to most people, has a “long history” in the electrical industry, starting with Gaines Electric in Long Beach, California. He later worked for Houston Wire & Cable, serving as an inside sales, outside sales, and branch manager, and Futronix as a district sales manager. He later was a founding member of Distributor Wire and Fittings (DWF), which sold to Omni Cable.

All of Kris-Tech’s wire and cable products are custom-made at the company’s Rome facility, and customers have the option of ordering unique prints, lengths, stranding types, twists, and packaging, including coils and reels.

Founded in 1984, Kris-Tech provides a full range of wire solutions for the building, commercial, and utility industries.

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