Oct 28, 2023

🌱 GA Govt. Might Lift Hospital Construction Limits + Writing Festival

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Rain and a thunderstorm. High: 81 Low: 71.

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Thursday, August 3

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Sean Peek lifting hospital construction limitswriting festival new presidentBut first, today's weather:Here are the top five stories in Cumming today:This summer, Georgia lawmakers from the House and Senate are considering lifting hospital construction limits."certificate of need"controls the number of health care services in a geographic areahead of the panel being Cumming Sen. Greg Dolezal, The Forsyth County Public Library kicked off its "Forsyth Writes Together" festival yesterday, free and open to the public with library cards. Cumming resident Varnell Rifin was charged yesterday following his arrest in late June after police uncovered illegal substances and an open container in his vehicle. Forsyth County police found marijuana and alcohol in the vehicle and arrested himThe annual Tam's Backstage Benefit dinner, being held this year on Monday, Aug. 28, will celebrate two important milestones: the 18th anniversary of Tam’s and the 100th anniversary of its location, Cumming Public School. all proceeds from this year’s dinner will benefit the Forsyth Community Clinic and the Forsyth County Community Foundation. the new president of the University of North Georgia, Michael Shannon, took office this month in preparation for the 2023-2024 academic year. goal for his new tenure is building the next generation of leadersBusiness owners and marketers in Cumming: Do you want to build awarenessToday in Cumming:The Agent Chase WorkshopMusic Bingo Soundcheck Thursday Trivia Night From my notebook:Parents of Forsyth County School students: MyPamentsPlusAttention craft beer lovers: Forsyth County's NoFo Brew Co. has expanded, and officially opened a new location in Gainesville yesterday. Registration for Forsyth County Fall Ball is now open! ends on Aug. 9More from our sponsors — thanks for supporting local news!Sean Peek